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Training Script

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1 Training Script on Wed Mar 18, 2015 4:10 am

This is the Training Script and is to be used by all Trainers+ who are training Recruits joining the [HPD]. It must be followed word for word. Anything in bold shouldn’t be said to the Recruits, as it’s for you only.


Welcome to the training for the [HPD]!
I am <insert name here> and I will be training you today.
Please do not AFK, talk, or move during training.
Please do not ask any questions unless asked.
I suggest you take notes as you will be tested at the end.
Any questions?


These are the basic rules that need to be known to work at [HPD].
They must be followed at all times.
1) Do not ask for pay, promotions or rights.
2) Follow the Habbo Way (No racism, swearing or offensive/inappropriate language)
3) Do not dance, use effects or flood the room.
4) Respect everyone in the room
5) Never self promote, scam or abuse anyone in the room.
Any questions?


There are some basic commands you need to know as well.
The 3 basic commands you must know are: FTF, FTB and BTB.
FTF – Fill the Front – When told this you go to a front desk to recruit and help people.
FTB – Fill the Back – When told this you find a seat at the back of the base until a free space at FTF opens up.
BTB – Back to Base – When told this you must go straight back to base, with no questions asked.

There are some more complex commands you need to know too.
These are: AE, Attention! and F&C.
AE – At Ease – When told this you carry on working after Attention! or F&C. Do NOT leave Attention or F&C without hearing AE.
Attention! – When told this you stand 1 space in front of your seat and wave.
F&C – Front and Center – When told this you walk up to the commanding officer, face him/her, wave and say Yes Sir/Ma’am.
Any questions?


Okay now we will begin testing.
If you perform well in the test you might be able to start at a higher rank! So good luck!
I will give you a command and I will like you to do the actions.
Call each recruit up for F&C (remember to say their full username).
Have each of them whisper 3 HPD rules.
If they get the majority of commands and rules right pass them.
If the recruits got everything right the first time promote them to Officer III, one mistake is Officer II, two mistakes is Officer I and three-five mistakes is Trainee. Anything more than five mistakes is a retake. Make sure to wait till the end of training to promote them.

Final Things

Now I will teach you Desk Training.

When you leave training you need to FTF.
When you FTF, NEVER go AFK.
You could be demoted or asked to re-train!
When you get to a desk you need to start recruiting or letting in existing members.

1) Recruiting People
We recruit people by asking them if they would like a job.
If they say yes, we tell them to change their motto to [HPD] Recruit.
After that we ask them to join the HPD badge found on the pennant in the middle of the HPD lobby.
Once they have the motto and badge correct we let them in to be trained by pulling the level.
Remember the badge AND motto must both be correct.

2) Letting existing members into HPD base
We let in existing members into base with badges made by TheHockeyHotel.
They also need to have the correct motto, which should be like: [HPD] Rank [Tag].
For example: [HPD] Officer I [THH]
Anyone who fails to meet those requirements must not be let in.
Any questions?

Congratulations you have passed basic training!
You now work for the HPD!
Change your motto to: [HPD] Agent I [insert your tag]
Make sure you remember my name as you will be asked about it in security.
Good luck, and please now go BTB!

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